We repair Iphone 3G LCD in 24 hours


Is the broken LCD display on your iPhone 3G keeping you out of touch?

The inner electronic display screen where everything comes to life underneath the outer glass of your iPhone 3G is called the LCD, or liquid crystal display. If the LCD is damaged, you’ll probably notice your screen has gone white or there is a series of discolored lines appearing. read more…

iPad Broken Glass Replace

Is the Glass on your iPad Cracked?

Did you drop your iPad and now have a Original iPad front glass screen broken like this? No problem, we can fix that for you.

Your broken or cracked screen will be replaced with a BRAND NEW DIGITIZER/SCREEN! Send the phone to us and have the outer glass touch panel and digitizer replaced. Our skilled technicians use the highest quality parts to ensure that we get your phone back to you looking like a new i-pad. We understand that the information on your device is important to you. We assure you that you will not loose any data during  our service. read more…

iPhone 4G Volume Control Repair

Is your faulty iPhone 4G volume control leaving you feeling silenced?

Volume control is an easily-overlooked feature on your iPhone 4G until it breaks. As frustrating as this can be, there is a simple solution. Send your faulty iPhone 4G to our certified technicians for a volume control restoration. Here at Repair Labs, we’re experts at putting the pieces back in place to make your iPhone 4G look and operate like new again. read more…

iPhone 2G External Screen Repair

Is the Glass Screen on your iPhone 2G Cracked?

Did you drop your iPhone 2G and now have a Original iPhone 2G front glass screen broken like this? No problem, we can fix that for you. read more…




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